Advancing Animal-Free Science for Cosmetics Worldwide

The International Collaboration on Cosmetics Safety (ICCS) is focused on advancing the adoption of animal-free safety science for cosmetics, personal care products, and their ingredients everywhere in the world.

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ICCS is working towards a world where animal-free methods are accepted and used universally to demonstrate the safety of cosmetics for humans and the environment.

Ensuring Animal-Free Safety Through Science

When consumers purchase cosmetics and personal care products from retailers, they rightly expect products that are safe for themselves, their families, and the environment. Safety means the product and its ingredients have undergone rigorous evaluation to ensure that it won’t cause personal or environmental harm.

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Advancing Regulatory Acceptance

Over the past decades, scientific advances in alternatives to animal testing have increasingly enabled cosmetic and personal care product safety and environmental assessments without the use of animals. Now is the time to integrate these approaches into cosmetic and chemical regulations to ensure animal-free safety methods and innovative environmental exposure assessments are accepted globally. ICCS will work with all stakeholders to share our collective experience and evaluate our frameworks to ensure they are protective of humans and the environment, while meeting regulatory needs.

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Delivering Education and Training

As our scientists continue developing and applying new animal-free safety and environmental assessment methods, it is critical that ICCS also support widespread use of these new approaches for cosmetic ingredients and product safety assessment through education and training. ICCS commits to work with members, regulators, and other stakeholders to address education and training needs to accelerate global adoption of the latest human and environmental safety science.

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New International Collaboration on Cosmetics Safety Aims to Advance Acceptance of Animal-free Science Worldwide

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Global collaboration of cosmetics and chemicals industry experts will work together with animal protection NGOs to accelerate widespread use of animal-free safety science through research, education and regulatory engagement

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